Market & Technical Studies

Due Diligence

The cable system developer and the supplier are not the only parties interested in ensuring that the project is successful. Debt and/or equity providers for a project or acquisition have a vital interest to guarantee that all-of the technical, commercial, competitive, quality, legal, and regulatory experts have been consulted and that plans are consistent with their plans. Pioneer Consulting has experience with protecting the interests of global financial institutions in multi-hundred-million-dollar system deployments and acquisitions. Pioneer Consulting provides due diligence on transactions/acquisitions for both system suppliers as well as subsea assets and/or their respective holding companies.

Feasibility Studies

In the early stages of planning a submarine fiber optic telecommunications cable system—or in the case an existing system requires an upgrade—a detailed and professional feasibility study is conducted by Pioneer Consulting to assess the technical, environmental, and commercial viability. Our team has the capability to go beyond pure market analysis to assist clients in their subsea cable investment strategy while maintaining the overall project vision of all clients.

Desktop Studies

Adhering to the deliverable due date, Pioneer Consulting takes the next step to execute a comprehensive desktop study for clients. Our team of engineers and advisors compile route position lists (RPL) and single line diagrams (SLD) and make global site visits per request of clients.

Equity and Debt Financing Support

Most private cable systems require extensive preparation for capital to be raised and debt syndicated. Pioneer Consulting’s seasoned team provide objective, clear and convincing positions for use by either the project’s owners or the lender to ensure that the maximum value is obtained from the transaction.

Asset Valuation

Pioneer Consulting’s experienced financial experts have assisted multiple banks, venture capital and private equity investors to value assets for refinance, project restructuring, change of ownership, and distressed asset transactions.

Proprietary Data Sources

Our proprietary Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Database contains data on almost every installed commercial repeatered and unrepeatered submarine fiber optic telecommunications cable from around the globe. Future installations are also included in our own assessment of the project’s feasibility. The comprehensive database includes:

System parameters
Landing points
Owners and suppliers

Research Reports

Pioneer Consulting has an extensive library of market research reports which provide customers with detailed profiles regarding submarine fiber optic telecommunications cables including in depth analysis and forecasts. Our reports provide analysis pertaining to carriers, cable owners, system suppliers, component manufacturers, and marine contractors.

Coming soon:

  • “Suppliers of Undersea Telecommunications Systems: 2020″
  • “Marine Services 2020”

Previously published:

  • “Suppliers of Undersea Telecommunications Systems: 2017″
  • “Marine Services for Undersea Telecom Cables”
  • “Cableships of the World”

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Not only does Pioneer Consulting provide off-the-shelf reports, we also work with clients to customize and/or author individual corporate reports upon request.

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